Greg Angus graduated from Queen's University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed his graduate studies at the University of British Columbia, receiving an MFA in 1986. Angus has participated in solo and group exhibitions around the world including Japan, France, England, Scotland, the United States and Canada. In Work and in Life Greg Angus is influenced by eastern philosophies, aesthetics and Japanese culture.


2023                Group Exhibition: Abstracts 2023, Aird Gallery

2020                SoloExhibition: ‘I’ll See It When I Believe It’ Oak Heights Gallery, WarkworthON.

2020                Opening Exhibition, Oak Heights Gallery, Warkworth ON.

2019                  Solo Exhibition: Brian LissGallery, Toronto ON.

2018                  Solo Exhibition: Brian LissGallery, Toronto ON.

2017                  Solo Exhibition: ‘New Frontier’ Brian LissGallery, Toronto ON.

2017                  Solo Exhibition: Arte Vive, Paris France

2012                  Group Exhibition:‘Abstraction’, Oeno Gallery, Prince EdwardCounty, ON.

2012                  Third Anniversary Exhibition,Oeno Gallery, Prince Edward County, ON.

2011                   Group Exhibition: Oeno Gallery.Prince Edward County, ON.

2009                 Solo Exhibition: ‘We Are What We’ve Been Waiting For’ OenoGallery, PEC. ON.

2009                 Solo Exhibition: PrinceTakamado Gallery, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

2009                 Opening Exhibition: OenoGallery, Prince Edward County, ON.

2008                 Solo Exhibition: Togo Fine Art,Tokyo, Japan

2007                 Solo Exhibition: Museum of NewNew Painting, Toronto, ON.

2005                 Solo Exhibition: GalleryBIBIANNE, Toronto, ON.

2004                 Group Exhibition: Togo FineArt, Tokyo, Japan

2004                 Group Exhibition: GalleryBIBIANNE, Toronto, ON.

2002                 ‘Artwith Heart’, OCAD Gallery, Toronto, ON (catalogue)

2002                 Group Exhibition: ‘Filling theVoid’ Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.

2000                 Solo Exhibition: ‘Lift’ Robert BirchGallery, Toronto, ON.

2000                 Solo Exhibition: ‘Paper on MyFingertips’ Gallery Den,Tokyo, Japan

1999                   Solo Exhibition: ‘The WholeBall of Wax’ Goma Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999                   Solo Exhibition: Art MorimotoGallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999                   Solo Exhibition: ‘IntoxicatedSpirit’ Art Morimoto Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999                   Solo Exhibition: Art MorimotoGallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999                   Group Exhibition: O Museum,Tokyo, Japan

1997                   Solo Exhibition: Bank of Tokyo,Tokyo, Japan

1997                   Solo Exhibition: Robert BirchGallery, Toronto, ON.

1997                   Group Exhibition: WilliamHardie Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

1996                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Vent’ Art 5,Tokyo, Japan

1996                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Core’ CanadianEmbassy Gallery, Tokyo Japan

1996                   Group Exhibition: ‘VOCA’ Ueno RoyalMuseum, Tokyo, Japan (catalogue)

1995                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Made In Japan’ Birganart,Toronto, ON.

1994                   GroupExhibition: ‘Taiheiyo Exhibition ofInternational and Japanese Artists’, Tokyo, Japan

1994                   Group Exhibition: Setagaya ArtMuseum, Tokyo, Japan

1993                   Solo Exhibition: Galerie deTobie, Tokyo, Japan

1993                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Jump’ Birganart,Toronto, ON.

1993                   Group Exhibition: ‘Inside Out’ Birganart,Toronto, ON.

1992                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Contact’ Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto,ON.

1992                   Solo Exhibition: EmbassyCultural House, London, ON.

1992                   Group Exhibition: GalleryArtists, Birganart, Toronto, ON.

1992                   Group Exhibition: ‘Facing the 90’s’ Art Galleryof Ontario, Toronto, ON.

1991                    InvitationalExhibition: Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1990                   Solo Exhibition: ‘Body ofKnowledge’, Birganart, Toronto, ON.

1989                   Solo Exhibition: Birganart,Toronto, ON.


2001                   George Metcalf CharitableFoundation Grant

2001                   Arts in the Community Grant,Toronto Arts Council

1989–1991       Various Grants from the Ontario Government torun special projects for students

Public Collections:

Kobe Kaisei Hospital, Kobe, Japan (by Tadao Ando Architect)

Prudential Securities, Tokyo, Japan

SKW Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Thames Bank, London, England

Juroku Bank, Tokyo, Japan

Private Collections:

Japan, England, Scotland, France, USA, Austria, Germany & Canada

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